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Selection  Gourmet  Fish  22 EUR
(Octopus, Sepia, Crab,
Smoked Salmon etc.))

Gourmet bites selection

Selection  Gourmet  Meat  22  EUR
(Veal Cheesburger,
Veal Tar Tar,
Quail Egg etc.) 

Selection  Gourmet  Mixed   22 EUR

Selection  Gourmet  Vegetarian  20 EUR
(Cream soup of Pumpkin or Topinambur, or Pees
Truffle, Quail Egg, Avocado, Guacamole etc.) 

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(we use ONLY fresh fruits and berries: raspberries, blueberries, lemon,  lime, pomegranate, banana, ginger, watermelon etc)

(each cocktail can be accompanied by a food pairing from the chef)

gourmet food pairing

Profumo di Estate  
18 EUR

(Liquore al frutto della passione, Aperol, Bulleit Bourbon, Vodka, Zucchero al mango, Lime, Peychaud)


profumo di estate signature cocktail

Autumn 20 EUR
(gin, grapefruit)

As the definition so is drink. The season full of fruit that gives wealth to the farmers, so of our drinkers. Rich in fruit that follows the summer.

Autumn signature cocktail

Zannat  20 EUR
(gin, passion fruit, bergamot)

Zannat signature cocktail

Boboli's Garden  20 EUR
 sciroppo di tè 
La Legenda di Boboli)
Directly from the garden  more  important of Italy, a drink that brings you an adventure along the paths of  Boboli, between flavors and colors to bring you back to grasp the spirit of life of the Medici court 

Giardino di Boboli signature cocktail

  Garden of Love (Sad Liubvi) 16 EUR
(gin, bergamot)

The scent of bergamot and the harmony of violet give rise to an explosion of flavors.

Giardino di Amore signature cocktail

  Dangerous Bourbon 21 EUR
(bourbon, grapefruit)

Bourbon meets homemade grapefruit soda.

Dangerous Bourbon signature cocktail

Andy  22 EUR
House-made Bloody Mary
Fresh cherry tomatoes yellow like the sun, red like the heart.

Signature Bloody Mary

XL  21 EUR
(tequila al caffe, mezcal)

Oversized mezcal

XL signature cocktail

KOOB Sour  18 EUR

Tolstoy  18 EUR
From the poetic and narrative slowness  imagining him immersed in his works

signature boulevardier

PLATAno plomo 18 EUR
(rum, banana)

An improved daiquiri, a vertical twist. A trip to the tropical islands in the days of rum smuggling 

Platano Plomo signature cocktail
Red carpet signature cocktail

Red Carpet 20 EUR
(vodka al cardamon, pomegranate )

Lei 20 EUR
(gin, raspberries/blackberies)

The character and scents of a woman enclosed in a drink 

Lei signature cocktail

Too sexy to be Old  20 EUR
New Old Fashioned

Signature Old Fashioned

Wild coffe after sex  18 EUR
(tequila al caffe)

It would be obvious to have a simple espresso, when it is possible in a drink to have the same infusions of an exchange of love.

Wild coffee after sex signature cocktail
Da solo nella Savana

Alone in the Savannah 18 EUR
(rum, Campari, vermouth)

Love of Margherita 16 EUR
A harmonious and intense Margherita that will make tequila loved.

Amore di Margherita
Medusa signature cocktail

M(ed)USA 18 EUR
(rum, falernum)


Signature Gin and Tonic

We do not make gin&tonic 25 EUR


S. AFRICA Beyerskloof 2018
Pinotage Reserve

bot. 52 EUR
cal. 14 EUR

S.AFRICA Oak Valley
Black pine
bot. 75 EUR 
cal. 16 euros

S.AFRICA Ridgeback Journey 2017
Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot
bot. 81 euros
cal. 18 euros

S.AFRICA Boekenhoutskloof Chocolate Block, 2021
bot. 75 EUR 
cal. 16 EUR

S.AFRICA Audacia, 2019
bot. 60 EUR
cal. 14 EUR

S. AFRICA De Grendel, 2019
Pinot Noir
bot. 60 euros
cal. 14 euros

S. AFRICA Boekenhoutskloof, 2017
bot. 97 EUR 
cal. 19 euros

S. AFRICA Diemersdal Reserve, 2020
Pinotage Reserve
bot. 80 euros
cal. 18 euros


S. AFRICA Delheim, 2020
bot. 70 euros
cal. 16 euros

S. AFRICA From the Cia, 2020
Sauvignon Blanc
bot. 52 euros
cal. 12 euros

S. AFRICA Idiom, 2018
bot. 55 EUR
cal. 12 euros

S. AFRICA Kanonkop, 2022

Pinotage Rose'
bot. 45 euros
cal. 12 euros

S. AFRICA Cape Dreams, 2020
Pinotage Rose'
bot. 41 euros
cal. 12 euros


Pinot Meunier Pinot Noir Chardonnay
bot. 85 EUR
cal. 18 EUR

BETOUZET  Pure Meunier 
Pinot Meunier
bot. 90  EUR
cal. 18  EUR

COUTIER Tradition 
Chardonnay Pinot Noir
bot. 85  EUR
cal. 18  EUR

  Solera Method 1982
Pinot Noir Pinot Meunier Chardonnay

bot. 190  EUR

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