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Koob Experience

is an immersive transdisciplinary

project involving 

contemporary art & design,

innovative cocktail mixology and

food pairing.



cocktail bars in Florence

cocktail bar firenze


Our  magic

Innovation & integrity is
I am seeking all the way.
I am strongly convinced that a pure form
of any discipline is vanishing, instead cross-disciplinary forms of activities take over.

Thus traditional art galleries or
even cocktail bars or restaurants are merely but barely becoming quite an outdated form of presenting art works, drinks or food. This tendency concerns also music, architecture, theater and other forms of arts.

KOOB Experience was born as a hub to get an immersive experience across contemporary art, experimental organic cocktails and gourmet bites.

The first edition of KOOB Experience was presented by German artist Jan Davidoff with the new large-scale works from his Woodland series.
And every cocktail and dish were inspired by the paintings and evolve their flavors and shapes out of the fairytale-like forest worlds of Jan Davidoff.

Every six months KOOB Experience will be presenting a new pairing experience while the main idea of creating an immersive ambience and intuitive interaction between
various fields, such as visual art,
cocktails and food pairing, 
will remain.
Emma Mailova
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